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Leaders are built, not born. Synthesis Management Group delivers online workshops with an emphasis on team growth and personal excellence within organizations.


In today’s super-competitive business world, leaders must use every advantage available to build a world-class organization. Successful leaders must have the ability to move, connect, and inspire their team to meet the ever-changing landscape and grow to peak performance. Join Fortune 100 Executive Management Coach, Bobbie Goheen, in her online learning platform and learn the secrets that the top 1% of leaders use to build world-class teams.

"Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant." - Steven Anderson

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Our Offerings

Leadership Excellence

  • Learn how to fast track development of peak performers.
  • Align new projects with key stakeholders to gain buy-in from the start
  • Learn setting goal hierarchy for the company.
  • Develop a goal-based team that drives to results.
  • Build skills and confidence to lead your team to success.
Learn About Leadership Excellence

Management Essentials

  • Understand how to build the foundation of communication and embed it in your team's culture
  • Motivate individuals and teams to move effectively towards goals
  • Utilize skills to collaborate and develop relationships across the organization
  • Identify growth areas and create a performance development process
  • Navigate change and crisis with calm and confidence
Learn About Management Essentials

"I hear my team talking to each other all the time and using some of the tools that she's given them ... in the way that they communicate and really referencing back to them with their subordinates and then also each other. One of them even said to me, 'I'm using this communication stuff at home too, with my husband and it's working great.'"

Erica Paolicelli 

President at Three Brothers Wineries & Estates

So How Will Your Team Benefit?

  • Ability to align strategies, goals, and tactics among all team members
  • Common language to move objectives forward
  • Top line business growth
  • Better communication throughout the organization
  • Continual access to learning and tools, available 24/7 as you need them
  • Opportunity to cater the program implementation to the needs of your organization

Implementation and Customization Options

One size does not fit all!

Each business and organization is unique.  We created our corporate program to offer you implementation options to find the best fit for your organization.  We have found that as businesses grow, so do their needs.  Our program was designed to meet your organization where it is at.

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About Your Facilitator

Leadership and Business Facilitator - Bobbie Goheen

Roberta Goheen is a certified PeerSpectives facilitator and an experienced international leadership development coach working in EMEA, The Americas, and APAC assisting C-Suite clients to achieve their goals through executive coaching and by facilitating board strategy, team effectiveness, and organizational integration of personal excellence. She has more than 25 years of experience in service, sales, marketing, management, technology, and leadership. For more than a decade she helped create and administer the Corporate University for a Fortune 100 company. In addition to her work with the corporate university, she was also responsible for the training and communications of all new corporate initiatives, products, and technologies. She has been a featured speaker before professional business organizations throughout the country, facilitator for The Women Presidents' Organization, and an educator for many corporate clients on the topics of leadership and personal excellence.

"I am lucky to work with exceptional leaders to co create, explore and define new pathways of success. This symbiotic relationship to 'be of service to others' and 'continual growth' is fundamental to any success I have had. This world requires leaders to have full use of their 'wingspan.' When leaders soar so does everything around them."

Bobbie Goheen

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Synthesis Leader Platform Corporate Pricing

The more participants in your organization, the more you save. The pricing exhibited here is for the solo course for employees to complete on their own.

Team training, customized learning plans, or coaching can be provided for an additional cost. Our team members are available to discuss the best options for your company.


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