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What Comes with Management Essentials?

Current Courses:

Role of the Manager

  • Learn to read the playing field and the tactics to use that will both maximize output and growth while minimizing your time spent
  • Utilize skills to collaborate and develop relationships across the organization
  • Gain the tools to manage the daily operations as well as implement and drive long term growth goals

Listening Skills for Managers

  • Learn how to set up the right conversations where employees feel excited to share thoughts and ideas
  • Gain the ability to assess and analyze team members feedback
  • Access the skills necessary to actively listen in a way that people feel you are sincere and engaged
  • Apply the Give/Get/Merge tool in any situation (one on one, teams, negotiations) to understand where you and the other party are to explore a path forward that works for both

Goal Setting

  • Incorporate useful tools that provide a detailed and straight forward path to results for yourself and your team
  • Apply new processes and skills to develop and manage your goals
  • Understand the science and art behind getting clear and focusing on the right priorities to achieve exceptional outcomes

Decision Making

  • Gain clarity to understand the core issue your team is trying to solve and how to outline where the opportunities lie
  • Engage the team to explore all options and source the correct information necessary to develop the basis for a right decision
  • Work through the basic rubric of how to analyze and think through the collected data
  • Utilize a follow-up plan to verify that the team executes and implements the decision with enough tolerance to pivot if new data arises

Team Effectiveness

  • Identify the environment your world-class team needs
  • Reinforce behaviors that impact high performance
  • Apply methods to keep connected, collaborative, and achieving well as a team

Communication to Set Clear Expectation

  • Learn to develop a plan specifically built for each scenario
  • Understand the value that consistent and clear communication brings
  • Lay the foundation of communication and embed it in your team's culture

Collaborative Management

  • Learn to break the chains and establish a more collaborative culture
  • Share practices and models that team members can use with each other 
  • Empower individuals to take the initiative and work together to develop better solutions

Reward and Recognition

  • Learn what a reward and recognition culture looks like and how it can help the business
  • Reinforce and reward the skills and development of individuals
  • Create a positive environment through appreciation
  • Establish a standard of incorporating appreciation daily from yourself and among team members

The Importance of Actions and Results

  • Learn to communicate the proper actions to the team effectively
  • Adapt your style as situations evolve
  • Reflect on your impact on others and the resulting achievements
  • Ask for feedback until you can get better outcomes from your actions 

Feedback for Growth

  • Learn the strengths and application of feedback
  • Identify specific needs and when and where to use the feedback tool
  • Improved solutions that work, not just for the individual, but for the team, and organization as well
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Coming Courses:

Developing a High-Performing Team

  • Learn the basics of how high-performance is earned
  • Find the ability to focus on the team dynamic and a healthy support foundation
  • Learn to celebrate team achievements and build team morale
  • Implement peer coaching in an organization

Discovery-Based Development

  • Recognize an individual’s level of development
  • Understand your management style and how to adapt to grow an employee
  • Utilize various tactics and tools to support others and improve productivity

Effective Meetings

  • How to facilitate a productive meeting; from meeting prep all the way to decision follow up
  • Develop a compelling, crystal clear meeting agenda
  • Apply skills that encourage and create valuable engagement
  • Modulate and assign time to critical players in the room, including yourself

Effective Problem Solving

  • Learn how to apply the problem-solving model to your company
  • Ability to evaluate and home in on valuable solutions
  • Learn to play the devil's advocate and 'see the other side' of the issue
  • Utilize the 3-3-1 Process

Follow-Up, Focus & Removing Roadblocks

  • Learn the basics of strong and effective follow-up
  • What to look for from the team, i.e., roadblocks, red flags, positives
  • When and where to apply follow-up to push the team to new heights
  • Learn the finer points of following-up that can remove roadblocks and feel empowering and exciting rather than like micromanagement

Coaching 101

  • Learn how to have the crucial conversations that give your team an influential and positive critique
  • Become a more effective sounding board for moments when individuals face conflicts or frustration
  • Utilize skills to keep team members on track to their highest potential

Interviewing to Learn

  • Learn how the best hiring managers in the world attack an interview
  • Build strategic core interview questions that can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate
  • Tailor the interview for a specific position to maximize knowledge gain and inform the hiring process
  • Learn about the importance of culture fit and how to use current employees to test a candidate’s potential assimilation success

Managing Mistakes

  • Ability to recognize an error and craft the correct approach to learn and grow from that error
  • Learn how to look at mistakes from another point of view and see the opportunity that awaits
  • Build the culture that removes judgment, embraces error, and pushes forward stronger

Managing a Remote Team

  • Develop the skills to effectively engage your team
  • Apply clear practices to keep remote workforce motivated and feeling like they’re part of the whole
  • Produce results on time and budget whether on-site or remotely

Managing to Results

  • Evaluate your team and learn to assign roles to the right member
  • Utilize tools that motivate individuals and teams to move forward effectively towards goals and outcomes
  • Create open conversations where mistakes are tools to learn and grow
  • Mitigate surprises and continue forward quickly and effectively

Managing Your Business & Team Through Change

  • Learn impactful change and crisis assessment skills
  • Identify key stakeholders being impacted
  • Absorb the top tools and tactics used by world-class leaders as they navigate change
  • Apply the best strategies to move your team, customers, and company forward in a way that creates success

Performance Management

  • Create a performance development process with your team
  • Identify individual's positions in skills and development 
  • Understand the direction your team members want to take
  • Collaborate to build a go-forward strategy and reinforce continual growth
  • Learn the guidance skills to follow up and lead your team to the promised land

Relationship Building - Up, Sideways & All Around

  • Learn the basic building blocks of relationship development
  • How to reach out and repair broken relationships
  • Learn the fundamental influence skills to create an engaging workplace
  • Understand how to build effective, long-lasting relationships


  • Learn the true definition of delegation and understand how it can wildly grow your company
  • Understand your value and where your focus should lay
  • Utilize a model for creating a clean and clear handoff, so the recipient feels the assignment is achievable  
  • Create the routine of regularly confirming your team is growing, developing, and handling all aspects they are responsible for
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