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What Comes with Leadership Excellence?

Current Courses:

Visionary Leadership

  • Learn to set the tone for the kind of leadership that is necessary to navigate change and take on challenges in the organization and marketplace
  • Identify the fundamentals to make your organization successful 
  • Understand methods to engage team communications 
  • Develop a vision for your organization and future 
  • Explore channels of connectivity with teams to discover “the secret sauce of making everything work together”

Leading Through High Velocity Change

  • Create an outcome-driven strategy for leading your team through change 
  • Identify clear and realistic results 
  • Maintain a “total openness” as a leader
  • Incorporate the skills to make change a way of life in an organization vs. a reactionary fire drill response

Vision and Values

  • Identify a simple and clear vision for your company and align values that will support that vision
  • Learn how to bring your new vision and values to the greater team and allow for input and modification to build a stronger team and get organizational alignment
  • Create a cascade plan to reinforce vision and values across the group

Decision Making

  • Learn the basics of informed decision making 
  • Utilize tools to get clear, ask the right questions, and communicate with stakeholders to get a good sense of the playing field
  • Identify what you already know and where you have information gaps
  • Evaluate the percentage of risk and decide how to move forward
  • Understand how to quickly adapt and reflect after decisions are made

How Leaders Listen

  • Apply listening skills individually and with teams
  • Learn how to self-monitor
  • Identify obstacles preventing you from active listening
  • Understand the process for listening and healthy responses

Relationship Building and Sustaining

  • Uncover the key elements of developing strong relationships
  • Learn how to use the "asset of you" to influence in a positive way
  • Develop core competences in building collaborations and win-win outcomes
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Coming Courses:

Collaborative Leadership

  • Identify the right stakeholders
  • Learn the correct process to engage stakeholders
  • How to drive robust conversations for successful collaborations
  • Learn the difference between consensus vs the best solution

The Art of Appreciation

  • How to align appreciation with company culture, vision, and values
  • Key methods for feedback in groups and individually
  • The proper way to say "thank you"

Building Resilience and Resourcefulness

  • Create a highly adaptable team to handle fast-paced changed
  • Apply methods to become a resilient and resourceful leader
  • Understand the importance of taking care of the "asset of you"

Leadership, Responsibility, and Accountability

  • Learn the basics of strong and effective follow-up
  • What to look for from the team, i.e., roadblocks, red flags, positives
  • When and where to apply follow-up to push the team to new heights
  • Learn the finer points of following-up that can remove roadblocks and feel empowering and exciting rather than like micromanagement

Motivating and Inspiring Others

  • Incorporate practices to keep people motivated and inspired around vision
  • Understand the importance of different techniques and methods to keep your team forward focused
  • Learn how to empower and encourage others towards uncommon results

Unleashing Peak Performers

  • Let go of existing methods and archaic ideas on attracting great talent
  • Identify methods and develop skill sets to encourage team members to become peak performers
  • Understand what it takes to be a leader of peak performers

Creating a Forward-Focused Organization

  • Create a positive momentum in meetings and your culture
  • Learn the techniques to move from reactive to proactive and how to stay in proactive
  • Learn how these simple practices create an amazing team environment with solid results

Adaptive Leadership

  • Develop the skills to read situations effectively
  • Incorporate the methods to process the information at hand and decide the best response
  • Learn from example situations and adapt your personal leadership style
  • Understand the difference between the "right way" and the best way
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