Collaborative Management

This 90-day mini-course has the best strategies to ensure that your team can work together, frictionless. The course includes clear and actionable instructions as well as worksheets for you to print and use with you and your team. The key to collaboration is ensuring communication between all parties. The worksheets and videos included ensure you will have the tools to create and propagate clear and helpful communication with all. Leaders and managers will learn to create an environment that is highly communicative to create the best outcomes for all.

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Leadership Excellence

The Leadership Excellence 101 track is an annual membership that includes 8 highly effective and focused courses that aim to take your personal leadership skills to the next level. In these courses, you will learn practical and useful tools to add to your skill-arsenal.  

  • Learn how to fast track development of peak performers.
  • Align new projects with key stakeholders to gain buy-in from the start
  • Learn setting goal hierarchy for the company.
  • Develop a goal-based team that drives to results.
  • Build skills and confidence to lead your team to success.  

With the Leadership Excellence Program, you can build a passionate team who enjoys their work, strives for results, and can handle the shifting and highly competitive business world.  

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Management Essentials 101

In this program, you'll learn the strategies of peak performers that will grow your abilities and lay the foundation for a powerful team.

In just a few hours, you'll begin to:

  • Understand how to build the foundation of communication and embed it in your team's culture
  • Motivate individuals and teams to move effectively towards goals
  • Utilize skills to collaborate and develop relationships across the organization
  • Identify growth areas and create a performance development process
  • Navigate change and crisis with calm and confidence

The Management Essentials Program will provide you with the tools and skills to manage the dynamic daily challenges of leading others while building a team that is positive, forward-focused, and determined to deliver strong results.

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Leading Through High-Velocity Change

This 90 day mini-course combines the top strategies of leaders with clear instructions to prepare for unplanned change. The key to leading through change is to keep a positive forward momentum as the landscape of the business adapts. Leaders will learn to create an environment that is highly adaptable and fluid. As a result, team members will work with you and remain focused and aligned.

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