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Are You A Business Owner Or Executive
With An Underperforming Team And Don't Know Why?

Learn how to balance the needs of the people and business through leadership development to achieve measurable business results.


Are you an executive tired of your business not reaching its full potential? The limits of your business are directly impacted by your team's growth and development. If you are experiencing any of the following, you and your team will benefit from leadership coaching:

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Low Performing Teams

Are your team members surviving or thriving? Are they accomplishing the bare minimum, or are they taking the initiative to move to a higher level of performance?


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High Turnover

Are your managers finding it hard to find and keep good talent?  Are they unable to produce good results because of constant turnover?


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Disengaged Workforce

Is your team biding time until they find a new and better job or do they say this is the best place to work and grow? Are they distracted and lacking participation or exhibiting true connection and passion to their accomplishments?

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What if you and your team had access to real time tools and skills to help you improve communications, increase team effectiveness, and produce better results?

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Leadership Excellence

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In today’s super competitive business world, leaders must use every advantage available to build a world class organization. Successful leaders must have the ability to move, connect, and inspire their team to meet the everchanging landscape and grow to peak performance.  

Join Fortune 100 Executive Management Coach, Bobbie Goheen, in the Leadership Excellence Program and learn the secrets that the top 1% of leaders use to build World-class teams. 

The Leadership Excellence Program includes 14 highly effective and focused courses that aim to take your personal leadership skills to the next level. In these courses, you will learn practical and useful tools to add to your skill-arsenal.  

  • Learn how to fast track development of peak performers.
  • Align new projects with key stakeholders to gain buy-in from the start
  • Learn setting goal hierarchy for the company.
  • Develop a goal-based team that drives to results.
  • Build skills and confidence to lead your team to success.  

With the Leadership Excellence Program, you can build a passionate team who enjoys their work, strives for results, and can handle the shifting and highly competitive business world.  

Results from the program:  Learn the tools to build a world class, passionate, and goal-oriented team that will ensure your business can compete and push the bottom line. 

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Meet Your Coach

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Bobbie Goheen

Synthesis Management Group President/CEO Roberta “Bobbie” Goheen has worked across the world with Fortune 100 companies and organizations ranging in size from 5 employees to 80,000. This range of knowledge has created a dynamic expertise in leadership and teamwork. Resourceful and committed, Bobbie supports individuals, executives, and organizational teams in developing an environment of rapid growth to achieve sustainable, desired impact.

Bobbie has an extensive history in the development of prominent learning programs. She led the training industry by implementing The Corporate University, one of the first in-house corporate universities, for a Fortune 100 company. Twelve years and over 50 world-class programs later — 17 of which are now college certified — Bobbie continues to drive the development of future leaders.

Bobbie continues to inspire others to grow and lead through performance consultingexecutive coaching, and facilitating large-scale learning events.

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What Bobbie's Clients Have to Say About Her

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Glenn Eckhard, VP Customer Success & Account Management

"Connect with Bobbie. Later on down the road, when you reflect on some of the people that you'd credit with most positively influencing your executive thought processes and your business — she'll be on the list."




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Mac Anderson, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at Cleveland Kraut

"Bobbie has an uncanny ability to highlight strengths and opportunities for current and future leaders. Her ability to maneuver within organizations, creating harmonies and allowing individuals to thrive is unparalleled. I cannot thank her enough for assessing my personality, understanding my strengths and weaknesses, and advising me in a direction that has allowed me to prosper and move toward my full professional potential. Thank you, Bobbie."

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Barbara Mowat, President & CEO at Impact Communications

"Bobbie is one of those rare talents whom when you meet, you immediately know she is a passionate and caring professional who wants to make a difference in people’s lives. I would highly recommend Bobbie to any organization and/or individual in need of business clarity, leadership and effective management training."



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What Comes with Leadership Excellence?

Current Courses:

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Visionary Leadership

  • Learn to set the tone for the kind of leadership that is necessary to navigate change and take on challenges in the organization and marketplace
  • Identify the fundamentals to make your organization successful 
  • Understand methods to engage team communications 
  • Develop a vision for your organization and future 
  • Explore channels of connectivity with teams to discover “the secret sauce of making everything work together”

Leading Through High Velocity Change

  • Create an outcome-driven strategy for leading your team through change 
  • Identify clear and realistic results 
  • Maintain a “total openness” as a leader
  • Incorporate the skills to make change a way of life in an organization vs. a reactionary fire drill response
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Vision and Values

  • Identify a simple and clear vision for your company and align values that will support that vision
  • Learn how to bring your new vision and values to the greater team and allow for input and modification to build a stronger team and get organizational alignment
  • Create a cascade plan to reinforce vision and values across the group

Decision Making

  • Learn the basics of informed decision making 
  • Utilize tools to get clear, ask the right questions, and communicate with stakeholders to get a good sense of the playing field
  • Identify what you already know and where you have information gaps
  • Evaluate the percentage of risk and decide how to move forward
  • Understand how to quickly adapt and reflect after decisions are made
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Additionally Get Access to These Tools:

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Downloadable Worksheets and Tools

Worksheets are available with each and every course! Use them to help with your day-to-day management or to help guide meetings with your team!

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Access to an Exclusive Facebook Group

People learn best when they are learning with peers so come get access to a circle of peers to learn and grow with.


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Full Access, All the Time, On Your Time

Throughout the time of your membership, you will have complete access to the worksheets and videos. Go back and relearn at any time as the need arises.

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Also, your membership includes 10 additional courses, with monthly releases.

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Collaborative Leadership

  • Identify the right stakeholders
  • Learn the correct process to engage stakeholders
  • How to drive robust conversations for successful collaborations
  • Learn the difference between consensus vs the best solution
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How Leaders Listen

  • Apply listening skills individually and with teams
  • Learn how to self-monitor
  • Identify obstacles preventing you from active listening
  • Understand the process for listening and healthy responses


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The Art of Appreciation

  • How to align appreciation with company culture, vision, and values
  • Key methods for feedback in groups and individually
  • The proper way to say “thank you”



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Building Resilience and Resourcefulness

  • Create a highly adaptable team to handle fast-paced change
  • Apply methods to become a resilient and resourceful leader
  • Understand the importance of taking care of the “asset of you”
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Leadership, Responsibility and Accountability

  • Enhance skills to maintain team relations and accountability
  • Strengthen techniques to develop a team that is passionate about what they are working on
  • Gain ability to adapt to every situation to become an effective leader and build high performing employees
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Relationship Building and Sustaining

  • Uncover the key elements of developing strong relationships
  • Learn how to use the “asset of you” to influence in a positive way
  • Develop core competences in building collaborations and win-win outcomes



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Motivating and Inspiring Others

  • Incorporate practices to keep people motivated and inspired around vision
  • Understand the importance of different techniques and methods to keep your team forward focused
  • Learn how to empower and encourage others towards uncommon results


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Unleashing Peak Performers

  • Let go of existing methods and archaic ideas on attracting great talent
  • Identify methods and develop skill sets to encourage team members to become peak performers
  • Understand what it takes to be a leader of peak performers


Also Two Additional Bonus Courses:

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Creating a Forward-Focused Organization

  • Create a positive momentum in meetings and your culture
  • Learn the techniques to move from reactive to proactive and to stay in proactive
  • Learn how these simple practices creates an amazing team environment with solid results
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Adaptive Leadership

  • Develop the skills to read situations effectively
  • Incorporate the methods to process the information at hand and decide the best response
  • Learn from example situations and adapt your personal leadership style
  • Understand the difference between the “right way” and the best way
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Get all of this for our introductory offer of only $997/ year!

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