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Leadership Excellence

Our first program is all about the challenges that leaders come face to face with in their own personal world and the world of business. Each course has been hand-picked to fit what leaders need to know in this day and age by our facilitator-in-chief Bobbie Goheen.

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What Is Leadership Excellence?

Leadership Excellence is all about knowing what makes a leader a leader. This includes how to make decisions, how to admit to mistakes and how to delegate. Leadership is not confined to the boardroom and Leadership Excellence will touch on topics throughout the personal and professional. Take a peek at our courses to help get a further feel of what we're offering.


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Bobbie Goheen has been helping leaders grow for over 20 years! Learn more about what leaders from all walks of life have to say about her right here!


What Does Leadership Excellence Include?

  • Includes 14 highly effective and full courses released throughout the next year - with 2 available immediately.
  • Learn from a Fortune 100 Executive Management Coach in Bobbie Goheen and see what the top 1% of leaders use to build world class teams.
  • Learn practical, applicable and useful tools to help level-up your skill arsenal.
  • Each course includes multiple worksheets and organizers that you can download and print off for business or personal use!
  • Access to our exclusive members-only Facebook group facilitated by Bobbie herself to discuss what you've learned with other members.


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Current Courses

Leading During High-Velocity Change

The key to leading through change is to keep a positive forward momentum as the landscape of the business adapts. Leaders will learn to create an environment that is highly adaptable and fluid. As a result, team members will work with you and remain focused and aligned.

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Learn More About High-Velocity Change

Visionary Leadership

 Visionary leadership is what successful leaders practice to create a vision oriented organization that attracts great talent and keeps the team highly motivated, inspired and working towards the common goal. This 7-part course will provide you with the methods and tools to set the foundation for creating a great culture in which the team feels they are contributing in a fun and engaging manner while maintaining ambition and challenge.

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Learn More About Visionary Leadership

Vision and Values

It is essential for an organization to have a clear vision and accompanying values to promote internal action towards goal completion and positive growth. Providing clarity allows the team to understand how their decisions will impact the direction of the organization.

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Learn More About Vision and Values

Decision Making

Effective leaders make informed decisions. Today’s world is complex and many find it difficult to navigate through the different types of information. This course uses tools and models to help clear your mind, ask the right questions, and procure pertinent information across multiple sources to make an informed decision.

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Learn More About Decision Making

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