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Are your managers overwhelmed with the day to day issues and unable to take on more?

Give your managers the tools they need to succeed and watch your business flourish and grow.

Is your management team struggling to meet the company’s growth goals? Strong managers are one of the most critical components of your team’s success. Management development is a powerful course of action if you can relate to the examples below:

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Difficulty Delegating

Do you feel overwhelmed because you don't have anyone to delegate to? Does your team feel that you micro-manage their every move? Do your employees struggle with understanding what's expected of them?

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Low Company Morale / Lack of Initiative

Is your team completing their work late and with minimal effort or taking initiative to produce superior results? Are you disappointed in employee performance?


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High Turnover

Does your team suffer from anxiety and stress or do they feel empowered and recognized for their accomplishments? Are they questioning their purpose in the organization or engaging to advance and grow?

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What if your organization could learn the same skills that thousands of leading managers around the world have successfully implemented to create forward-focused teams and drive growth?

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Management Essentials

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Managers hold a critical role in every organization, with the ability to influence others and lead change. They also come with the hefty weight of making hiring decisions, adapting to change, pressure to perform, and poor communication. With so many responsibilities on your plate, how can you balance all of these obligations keeping you up at night feel confident you are making the right decisions? 

Join Fortune 100 Executive Management Coach, Bobbie Goheen, in the Management Essentials Program and learn the strategies winning managers have used to inspire their teams and create an environment of success.

The Management Essentials Program includes 24 highly effective and focused courses to strengthen your management skills and lead others. In these courses, you will learn strategies of peak performers that will grow your abilities and lay the foundation for a powerful team.

  • Understand how to build the foundation of communication and embed it in your team's culture
  • Motivate individuals and teams to move effectively towards goals
  • Utilize skills to collaborate and develop relationships across the organization
  • Identify growth areas and create a performance development process
  • Navigate change and crisis with confidence

The Management Essentials Program will provide you with the tools and skills to manage the dynamic daily challenges of leading others while building a team that is positive, forward focused, and determined to deliver strong results.

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Meet Your Coach

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Bobbie Goheen

Synthesis Management Group President/CEO Roberta “Bobbie” Goheen has worked across the world with Fortune 100 companies and organizations ranging in size from 5 employees to 80,000. This range of knowledge has created a dynamic expertise in leadership and teamwork. Resourceful and committed, Bobbie supports individuals, executives, and organizational teams in developing an environment of rapid growth to achieve sustainable, desired impact.

Bobbie has an extensive history in the development of prominent learning programs. She led the training industry by implementing The Corporate University, one of the first in-house corporate universities, for a Fortune 100 company. Twelve years and over 50 world-class programs later — 17 of which are now college certified — Bobbie continues to drive the development of future leaders.

Bobbie continues to inspire others to grow and lead through performance consultingexecutive coaching, and facilitating large-scale learning events.

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What Bobbie's Clients Have to Say About Her

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Stacey L.T. Boyle, Ph.D., Chief People Planner at Smarter People Planning

"Bobbie offered multiple solutions which afforded me many options depending on a specific situation. I became far more confident making executive decisions and handling tough employee situations. She is exceptionally professional, and I would highly recommend her to any organization seeking a deeply skilled, creative, and compassionate Executive Coach."

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Mark Onisk, General Manager and Vice President, Books24x7 at Skillsoft

"I found Bobbie's coaching approaches and group facilitation to be particularly effective in helping me develop as a leader and executive. Bobbie developed strong relationships with everyone on our team and prescribed thought-provoking activities that helped the group come together and allowed us all to develop as leaders."


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Patricia Krall-Dwyer, CEO Healthforces

"Bobbie assisted and guided our team to create a Mission/Values/Vision Statement. Not only are we pleased with the end result, but we learned about each other and gained insight into the different perspective each of us has for our company. This in turn gave us greater insight as to how to improve our team's morale, efficiencies, and focus. The best part is - she made it a fun process."


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What Comes with Management Essentials?

Current Courses:

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Role of the Manager

  • Understand your role as a manager in the organization
  • Learn to read the playing field and the tactics to use that will both maximize output and growth while minimizing your time spent
  • Utilize skills to collaborate and develop relationships across the organization
  • Tools to manage the daily operations as well as implement and drive long term growth goals

Listening Skills for Managers

  • How to set up the right conversations where employees feel excited to share thoughts and ideas
  • Ability to assess and analyze team members feedback
  • Skills to actively listen in a way that people feel you are sincere and engaged
  • Apply Give/Get/Merge tool in any situation (one on one, teams, negotiations) to understand where you and the other party are to explore forward that works for both
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Goal Setting

  • Incorporate useful tools that provide a detailed and straight forward path to results for yourself and your team
  • Apply new processes and skills to develop and manage your goals
  • Understand the science and art behind getting clear and focusing on the right priorities to achieve exceptional outcomes

Decision Making

  • Gain clarity to understand the core issue your team is trying to solve and how to outline where the opportunities lie
  • Engage the team to explore all options and source the correct information necessary to develop the basis for a right decision
  • Work through the basic rubric of how to analyze and think through the collected data
  • Once the decision is made, utilize a follow-up plan to verify that the team executes and implements with enough tolerance to pivot if new data arises
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Additionally Get Access to These Tools:

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Downloadable Worksheets and Tools

Worksheets are available with each and every course! Use them to help with your day-to-day management or to help guide meetings with your team!

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Access to an Exclusive Facebook Group

People learn best when they are learning with peers so come get access to a circle of peers to learn and grow with.


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Full Access, All the Time, On Your Time

Throughout the time of your membership, you will have complete access to the worksheets and videos. Go back and relearn at any time as the need arises.

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Also, your membership includes 20 additional courses, with monthly releases.

The Importance of Actions & Results

The Importance of Actions & Results

Adapt your style as situations evolve
Ask for feedback until you can get better outcomes from your actions 
Learn to communicate the proper actions to the team effectively
Coaching 101

Coaching 101

How to give your team an influential and positive critique
Become a more effective sounding board
Utilize skills to keep team members on track to their highest potential
Collaborative Management

Collaborative Management

Learn to break the chains and establish a more collaborative culture
Share practices and models that team members can use with each other
Empower individuals to take initiative and work together for better solutions
Developing a High-Performing Team

Developing a High-Performing Team

Focus on the team dynamic with a healthy support foundation
Learn to celebrate team achievements and build team morale
Implement peer coaching in an organization
Discovery-Based Development

Developing a High-Performing Team

Recognize an individual's level of development
Understand and adapt your management style for employee growth
Utilize various tactics to support others and improve productivity
Effective Meetings

Effective Meetings

Develop a compelling, crystal-clear meeting agenda
Apply skills that encourage and create valuable engagement
Modulate and assign time to critical players in the room
Effective Problem Solving

Effective Problem Solving

Learn how to apply the problem-solving model
Ability to evaluate and hone in on valuable solutions
How to see the other side of the issue
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Feedback for Growth

Learn the strengths and application of feedback
Identify specific needs to know the when, where and how of feedback
Improved solutions that work for the individual, team, organization
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Follow Up, Focus & Removing Roadblocks

Learn the basics of strong and effective follow-up
What to look for from the team, i.e., roadblocks, red flags, positives
How to make following-up feel empowering
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Interviewing to Learn

Learn how the best hiring managers in the world attack an interview
Build strategic core interview questions
Learn about the importance of culture fit
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Managing Mistakes

How to recognize an error and craft the correct approach to learn and grow
Analyze mistakes from another point of view
Build the culture that removes judgment, embraces error, and pushes forward stronger
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Managing a Remote Team

Develop the skills to effectively engage your team
Apply clear practices to keep remote workforce motivated
Produce results on time and budget whether on-site or remotely
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Managing to Results

Evaluate your team and learn to assign roles to the right member
Tools that motivate individuals and team to move effectively towards goals
Create open conversations where mistakes are tools to learn and grow
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Managing Through Change

Learn impactful change and crisis assessment skills
Identify key stakeholders being impacted
Apply the best strategies to move your team, customers, and company forward
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Performance Management

Create a performance development process with your team
Understand the direction your team members want to take
Build a go-forward strategy and reinforce continual growth
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Relationship Building

Learn the basic building blocks of relationship development
The fundamental influence skills to create an engaging workplace
Understand how to build effective, long-lasting relationships
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Reward & Recognition

How a reward and recognition culture can help the business
Reinforce and reward the skills and development of individuals
Create a positive environment through appreciation
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Team Effectiveness

Identify the environment your world-class team needs
Reinforce behaviors that impact high performance
Apply methods to keep connected, collaborative, and achieving well as a team
Communication to set Clear Expectations

Communication to Set Clear Expectations

Learn to develop a plan specifically built for each scenario
Understand the value that consistent and clear communication brings
Lay the foundation of communication and embed it in your team's culture


Learn how delegation can wildly grow your company
Understand your value and where your focus should lay
Create the routine of regularly confirming your team in growing and developing
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