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Decision Making for Managers

Your role as a manager requires you to make informed day to day decisions regarding your employees. Good decision making actions are what makes some of the best managers as they do not constantly need to seek organizational guidance. Learn how to align your decision with company goals as well as how to best communicate and share those decisions within your own team. Features in-depth learning videos to help you frame and focus on the decision that will produce the best outcomes along with downloadable learning resources to help you sift through the information so you can make as informed a decision as possible. Make a decision to learn today!


- 6 Educational videos designed to give managers of all experience levels the tools they need to the most informed and best decisions they are capable of.

- Downloadable resources to accompany the videos that will help you to brainstorm and categorize various factors that lead to the final decision

- Access to our online learning platform so that you can learn anywhere at anytime throughout the duration of this course!