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Team Effectiveness

 A manager's work centers around one of many teams in an organization. Managers are uniquely positioned to conduct themselves in a way to maximize Team Effectiveness. Part of our Management Essentials track - this course will provide you with the resources necessary to ensure the success of both you and your team. Featuring in-depth videos sharing the science and real-world solutions to maximizing teamwork as well as downloadable resources for you to take with you in your day to day work life. You'll learn the core ideas between how to build a team from nothing, how to manage them to maximize outcomes and how to encourage development so the growth doesn't stop! Get started on creating an environment for your team to prosper!




- 6 In-depth video learning modules to explain the core concepts of creating and maintaining an effective team

- 13 Downloadable resources for you to use to help you plan out your team's goals as well as keep tabs on your daily activities to push towards better team outcomes

- Access to our online learning platform for the entire duration of your course