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Motivating & Inspiring Others

From the Leadership Essentials track we have one of the most important learning modules on what people most associate with leaders and leadership - motivation. As leaders we are uniquely positioned to create a truly exceptional organizational culture for ourselves and our peers. What are the secrets to motivating? Learn it here with real-world expertise as well as information gleaned from psychological studies about what works and what doesn't when it comes to the world of motivation and inspiration. Includes instructional videos designed to teach how to be an excellent motivator as well as downloadable resources for you to take and use in your day to day business within your organization. The future is bright - you just need to learn to communicate it!


- 13 Instructional videos featuring proven information on how to best motivate those around you

- Downloadable resources to accompany every video that will help you to live what you learned as well as help those around you stay motivated

- Access to our online learning library so you can sign on and learn anywhere with an internet connection