$297.00 USD

Vision & Values

Part of our leadership excellence track - this course is about how to develop, align and communicate the vision and values of yourself or your organization to a larger group. Ideologically attuning those you work with to the greater organizational goals has many benefits including increased productivity, easier communication and a better, more optimistic work culture. Learn how to create things like vision statements that make sense for your organization as well as how to mesh personal and company values. Includes learning videos, downloadable resources and a real-life example of one of the many in person facilitation we do to help divine and align company values.


- 7 Learning videos to help instruct you on the creation and concepts of both organizational vision and values. Includes one real-life coaching exercise that will help you on developing company values.

- Accompanying downloadable resources for each video to help keep core concepts with you in day to day activities as well as facilitate your own meetings on the topics of values.

- Access to our online learning platform for the duration of the course. Learn from anywhere, anytime at Synthesis Leader!