Leadership requires Bravery

Uncategorized May 31, 2023

Leadership requires Bravery

Taking the path less traveled is not a guarantee that everything will turn out perfect and be better right away. It does mean that you will discover new ideas, new ways, new thinking, new possibilities, new people and new abilities. In addition, you will shed old constructs, old thinking, old ways, some people and old skills. So to take this journey you have to have “guts”. Guts to stay with something even when you don’t get 100% buy in or accolades. Guts to stay with it because you are passionate and willing to do what is necessary to see this new way thrive. Guts to know at the end of the day you took the path less traveled and for you it made all the difference.

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Core questions to reflect on before you take a new path are:

Are you willing to define a new model of success for yourself?

Will you regret not trying?

What are your innate talents that will allow you to survive and thrive on the new path?

How will this change or shift in direction make a difference?


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