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Are important deadlines or client requirements getting lost in translation? Do you feel you have too many meetings where people are walking away more confused than clear?

Well meet Effective Communication! From our Foundational Leadership track, this course is designed with the busy manager or leader in mind who needs real world skills and not opining on the philosophy of communication. Learn what sets successful organizational communication with practical resources designed with your time in mind! Solve your communication issues today and start a brand new chapter (that involves never worrying about if you are being misinterpreted again)!

Yes! I Need Better Communication Yesterday!

Are day to day tasks getting left in the dusk? Is there a communication breakdown and you don't know where it's going wrong? Are employees leaving because management can't get it together?

Introducing Leadership Foundations! This track is all about giving managers the tools they need to build a solid foundation of skills to thrive and succeed.  At Synthesis Leader our philosophy is that modern management practices and teaching have not adapted to the new, unique pressures that managers face - like how to best manage a hybrid workforce.

Our Management Essentials track is about providing the practical skills that all managers need to be their most successful.

What is it that separates successful and unsuccessful leaders? What does successful leadership look like? What does it mean to excel in leadership?

Learn from a leadership coach of over 20 years on the best and most practical tips for becoming the leader you were meant to be. Where other programs focus on the more ethereal, "feel good" aspects of leadership coaching - we believe in maintaining that feeling while providing real tools and skills that have worked in all realms of leadership - from C-suite Fortune 500 companies to small businesses with less than 10 employees. These leadership skills are what you need to find the direction for yourself and your company.

Leadership Foundations:

The Collection

The best and most skilled who rise through the ranks are not properly supported by most management training. This is everything that a new or experienced manager needs to know to see vast improvements in team morale, communication, decision-making processes and performance.


Leadership Foundations is designed specifically to give managers the tools they need to succeed in their work.  We take proven, practical tools that have worked for companies of all sizes and condense it into a selection of courses designed for their ease of use and application.


**Effective Communication and The Importance of Action & Results are not included in the Foundational Leadership Collection

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Role of the Manager

How does the role of a manager get defined in your organization? Understand the fundamental aspects of what makes a manager and learn our unique tools for defining a manager.

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Reward and Recognition

Learn how to create a business environment that's rewarding for all. This module is good for managers who are facing poor morale, poor employee retention and /or lack of engagement.

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Collaborative Management

Management is not dictation, it's collaboration. Learn how a manager is part of the greater team effort and what they need to do to maintain efficiency and deadlines. Good for managers dealing with employee burnout or an aggressive environment.

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Decision Making for Managers

Understand how to prioritize and plan to achieve organizational goals. Good for managers facing missed deadlines, poor inter-employee communication and pressure from higher-up.

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Listening Skills

Communication is key to being a manager and listening is such an important part of communication. Communication is a two-way street and while part of the skills managers need to learn are about how to improve communication to employees it's equally important to be able to listen and evaluate. Learn how to listen to improve employee morale and help to retain employees.

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Goal Setting

Managers are in charge of the actual legwork of ensuring organizational goals and expectations are being met. How a manager takes these directives and translates them as well as setting individual goals for workers is one of the most most important aspects of management that most miss. Great for low employee morale when you also need to meet deadlines.

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Feedback for Growth

Managers are the source of feedback throughout any organization. When a manager isn't giving appropriate feedback it hurts not just workers but the organization as a whole. Good for managers looking to improve employees' morale, retention or professional skills.

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Team Effectiveness

The core to any work done in an organization is the team. Those teams are guided by managers who should know how to best look for effective behaviors as well as how to address interpersonal conflicts within a team. Good for managers concerned with employee retention or missed deadlines.

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The Importance of Action & Results

Coaching is all about talking and communicating but can struggle when it comes to action. This module is all about our strategies to create that action and the results that will reinforce all the interpersonal and professional work you have achieved. Good for managers struggling with an unmotivated workforce or are looking to improve employee retention.

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Effective Communication

Our current monthly featured course! Communication is the cornerstone of good management. Learn more about it now! Good for managers looking to improve results / output, employee satisfaction and employee retention.

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Leadership Excellence 101

Where do leaders go to for advice? How does a leader properly evaluate themselves? Leaders are usually positioned in areas where they don't have close peer relationships in their day-to-day lives. How does someone in this position seek advice?

Leadership Excellence 101 is all about providing that peer-review and practicality that new or struggling leaders are constantly feeling. Learn from renowned leader and coach Bobbie Goheen who has decades of experience and has helped leaders in charge of organizations of all sizes. Additionally get access to our Leadership community in order to get the support and sounding board that you need to best advance yourself.

All courses below are currently included in the 101 track of Leadership Excellence.

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Role of the Leader

What do you need to know about being a leader? What defines leadership? This course is the start of your leadership journey and truly encapsulates what you need to be aware of if you are just coming into a leader role.

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How Leaders Listen

To be secure in the driver's seat in any organization - a leader needs to understand how to best get "on the ground" information as well as how to ask questions to get the answers they need. Leaders need to go above and beyond active listening - learn the best tips on how here.

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Decision Making for Leaders

Leaders are decision makers. There's no other way to put it. What does a leader of an organization need to know about what goes into a decision? How do you make a decision when it all seems so murky? Learn how the best gain clarity to be able to make the best decisions.

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Leading Through High-Velocity Change

Change is scary but it's also when great leaders separate themselves from the "good" leaders. Learn what you need to do to not just properly lead in times of great change or instability - but how you can thrive and exceed where other leaders are simply circling the wagons.

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Vision & Values

The next step up from a "vision statement". This course is not just about connecting your vision but also your values to everyone throughout the organization. Communicate not just what you do but why you do it properly and people will come to you!

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Team Goals / Mission

Leaders are at the forefront of organizational planning. How do you create and communicate an effective plan? This module will give you the tools that you need to feel confident and secure that your plan works and that your team will take the necessary steps to fulfill that vision.

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Motivating & Inspiring Others

Organizational planning and day to day operations are all incredibly important aspects to leadership. Leaders also occupy a space in people's emotional fulfillment. This course is about the practical aspects of the ethereal emotional space that leaders exist in.

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Relationship Building and Sustaining

Your leadership will be defined by the relationships you build in your life and work. This course is a condensed guide on the what you need to know about relationships and leadership.

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Further Learning

Courses unaffiliated with any particular learning track. Designed for anyone looking to improve themselves in their professional or personal life.

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