The Tools You Need To Overcome Company Challenges...

...When You Actually Need Them

You're a leader—and whether you're pint-sized or prominent, in Portland or Paris, and in any industry from paper manufacturing to private equity and investing—you want to grow your company.

Because growth means new opportunities, within your company, community, and for you personally. 

Leadership Academy is the starting point of growing into the vision you have for yourself and your business.

Man who has successfully received leadership coaching

"Bobbie, you rock! And do so by helping the rest of us be our best for our own personal growth and that translates to our professional contributions. I value having worked with you and miss our conversations!"

- Dave Rice, SVP Marketing at Tactotek

Woman who is experiencing excellent growth due to management training and development

"Bobbie's tools allow for practical application of leadership concepts to every day situations"

- Sue Rodeman, Head of Global Marketing at Kodak Alaris

Are important deadlines or client requirements getting lost in translation? Do you feel you have too many meetings where people are walking away more confused than clear?

Well meet Communication to Set Clear Expectations! Designed with the busy manager or leader in mind who needs real world skills and not opining on the philosophy of communication. Learn what sets successful organizational communication with practical resources designed with your time in mind! Solve your communication issues today and start a brand new chapter (that involves never worrying about if you are being misinterpreted again)!


"Bobbie has a vast toolbox of strategies, methods, and teachings that bring the perfect amount of structure and heart."

- Amy Castranova, Vice-President at Orbis Technologies, Inc.

"Bobbie helped me contextualize information in a constructive and personal way. Our multi-generational team now works better together and I’m able to resolve conflicts by stepping back and revisiting insights gained from her guided introspective process and workflow integration techniques."

- Derek Byrd, Biologist


I started out as a new manager, full of idealism and ready to conquer the world! Reality hit me hard - people are complex and what the textbooks teach only goes so far. I craved the real-world lessons of successful leaders. I learned, I adapted and guess what? My team flourished! That success spread - first within the company and then I took it beyond. I was guided by a mission: to empower leaders and managers everywhere with the tools that I wished I'd had on that very first day.

"Thanks to Bobbie, I am a better leader, able to grasp the issues and formulate a thoughtful plan to execute strategy."

"With Bobbie's tools and insights, I always walked away with key takeaways and actions to improve my day to day and career development."

Our flagship program designed to take you from 'Boss to Coach' with a focus on having a work-life balance.

Our program is designed to take you from Modern Manager to Modern Leader to excel in the corporate workspace.

*Coming Soon* Join Bobbie inside a cohort to gain insight, ask questions, grow with your peers, attend meetups and more.


Do you have a team that you want to learn from one of our courses? We would love to help! We offer corporate discounts for access to materials or training sessions where we train for you. Ready for details?

What is the foundation of a good team

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