Reverse It!

"That which is rewarded gets repeated."

It is a proven science if you give positive feedback you will get more of the attribute you rewarded.

I have recently seen a slew of leadership articles and quotes focused on how to be a better leader, what type of leader keeps people highly engaged, what type of leader millennials like, what a leader has to practice everyday to be kind the individual others will follow, etc.

It turns out I know many of these kinds of leaders who are thoughtful and skilled in their approach. I have the good fortune to work with them. These leaders are always focused on the kinds of skills, techniques, attributes, behaviors and tools necessary to create a vibrant workforce, team, and/or community. They understand the power of positive feedback, they are constantly mentoring to build greatness in team players, and they have clear focus and consistent communication of a bold vision.

What I don't see are any articles on giving leaders who are exhibiting the right skills and attributes positive feedback from those who work with or for them. Positive feedback is not just a practice if you are in management. It is a skill practiced by all people, at all levels, and in all walks of life.

We are all human beings regardless of the titles or positions that we hold in life. Why would we not give those in leadership positions positive feedback for the skills and behaviors that make a difference for ourselves and others.
Let's try something new, if you want a leader or manager to repeat a certain behavior tell them specifically:

  • what they did that worked well for you,
  • the impact it has on you
  • why it is important
  • help them say "Thank You" and respond with a simple "Your Welcome"

Imagine if you did this with each conversation, the potential impact you could have on the environment around you.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."


Positively Yours,

Bobbie Goheen



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