Clear Leadership

"The manager has a short-range view; the leader has a long-range perspective."
Warren G. Bennis

In a world where short term results are the measurement of success and the long term vision is not lose the heart, talent and creativity of people.

To be a manager means to focus on "the tactics" of getting short term results. To be a leader means to move out the noise, problems and everyday fears so you and your team are moving to a better future.

This seems easy and it is quite hard because there are so many daily distractions and emergencies to pull you from that focus.

How to move into Leadership

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The easiest way to begin to move to leadership vs daily blocking and tackling is to:

*Allow others to do their job

*Know mistakes are learning opportunities

*You can't do everything

*Have "one clear focus" that will take yourself and your team to a better place

*Inspire those around you

*Keep the "one clear focus" for your team and...

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Stepping Forward in Leadership

"Don't try, just be." Bobbie Goheen

Odd words for they seem in direct conflict with Yoda, who we all know is one wise gnome. And the truth of it is that the ability to move in the direction of your dreams and aspirations is directly related to your abilty to move, to make, to do...etc.

What gets in the way is the over thinking, over analyzing, over questioning...all which ulitmately fosters doubt and doubt inherently brings stasis.

Listening in Leadership is Key

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The ability to stay true to your nature, your call, your voice is the greatest practice you can have. Learning how to listen and follow is difficult because there is so much noise, fear, uncertainty and doubt about which holds all greatness back.

The practice "of being" requires making regular choices which are in alignment with you, listening to the inner critic with compassion, and staying true to the thrum which allows you to create in a way which is supportive of you and...

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