Is Your Team's Lack of Communication Causing Underperformance?

Is Your Team's Lack of Communication Causing Underperformance?


Imagine Having More Time Because Your Team No Longer Requires Constant Facilitation.

Your team needs direction and guidance but that's not something that you are always on hand to provide. Imagine a world where you can leave your team to act without your oversight. How much time could you save, what else could you do? Invest in your team to produce the best outcomes that previously could not be found outside your imagination. Learn best practices and real skills from someone who has been in your position.

How will your team be different after you and your managers take this course?



  • More frequent and better communication between key players
  • Your team understands the role and necessity of good communication
  • Create a team culture that emphasizes the good of all and striving towards that goal
  • Confidence and rapidness for implementing new changes 
  • More time for the leader to work on the business versus managing team dynamics
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You will learn how to:

  • Create a culture of effective team collaboration
  • Communicate effectively in a group or team meeting setting
  • Identify clear and realistic results
  • Create group buy-in in the decision making process to maximize team understanding
  • Make a communication plan

Do you wonder how other teams work together so smoothly?

We'll show you the way.


This 90 day mini-course has the best strategies to ensure that your team can work together, frictionless. The course includes clear and actionable instructions as well as worksheets for you to print and use with you and your team. The key to collaboration is ensuring communication between all parties. The worksheets and videos included ensure you will have the tools to create and propagate clear and helpful communication with all. Leaders and managers will learn to create an environment that is highly communicative to create the best outcomes for all.

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About your coach, Bobbie Goheen 

Synthesis Management Group President/CEO Roberta “Bobbie” Goheen has worked across the world with Fortune 100 companies and organizations ranging in size from 5 employees to 80,000. This range of knowledge has created a dynamic expertise in leadership and teamwork. Resourceful and committed, Bobbie supports individuals, executives, and organizational teams in developing an environment of rapid growth to achieve sustainable, desired impact.

Bobbie has an extensive history in the development of prominent learning programs. She led the training industry by implementing The Corporate University, one of the first in-house corporate universities, for a Fortune 100 company. Twelve years and over 50 world-class programs later — 17 of which are now college certified — Bobbie continues to drive the development of future leaders.

Bobbie continues to inspire others to grow and lead through performance consultingexecutive coaching, and facilitating large-scale learning events.

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Testimonials from Bobbie's Clients

Women who benefitted from management training


With Bobbie's tools, I now have a tribe led by an awesome leader that provides guidance, an ear, sincere love, and support.

-Karen Jenkins, President & CEO at KRJ Consulting

Women who benefitted from management training


Bobbie's tools helped me develop my leadership skills and ability to communicate with all types of employees and leaders.

-Ann Maynard, Managing Director at Maynard HR Consulting

What Collaborative Management is:

  • The tools that you and your team need to succeed
  • Learn skills with real world applications from someone with over 20 years experience
  • 9 Worksheets that you can download and print out for immediate action with you and your team
  • Simple, clear and concise instruction that you and your team can immediately act on

What Collaborative Management isn't:

  • The full Management Essentials course
  • An easy "just add water" solution to fix all your problems
  • A tool that will only benefit yourself
  • Like any other coaching program on the market (we know - we've tried them!)
Women who benefitted from management training

"I was so shocked at how much stuff Bobbie can get into an hour. And really revisiting that information is important with a team. We were running through the programs on Monday afternoons, and you would hear them on Tuesday morning talking about what they want to try and change based on the things they learned."

Erica Paolicelli 

President at Three Brothers Wineries & Estates


8 modules and 9 downloads for 90 days – for only $297!

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Everything you've been searching for...


7-part mini-course taken straight out of our Leadership Excellence track to give you a taste of the extensive learning!


Start Learning!

Leading through High-Velocity Change 

This mini-course combines the top strategies of leaders with clear instructions to prepare for unplanned change. The key to leading through change is to keep a positive forward momentum as the landscape of the business adapts. Leaders will learn to create an environment that is highly adaptable and fluid. As a result, team members will work with you and remain focused and aligned.